Monday, April 25, 2011


Fumi and I had a nice relaxing Easter weekend. We spent Sunday with family and I forget how nice it is to catch up with everyone. I have an amazing family that I am so grateful for. To celebrate them and get myself in the Easter spirit, I made little individual place cards for dinner for everyone. I saw the idea here, and decided to try a diy version.
I have to admit, they turned out pretty cute. 

Monday was a beautiful day, with much to celebrate. Fumi and I decided today that we will head to Japan late May early June. I am so excited to meet his parents for the first time and see where he grew up. We have been saving for this trip for about six months so we are really eager to pack our bags and get there. Another reason to celebrate; Fumi's images from a shoot he did with his friend Jake are nominated for NAHA, which stands for North American Hairstyling Awards. This is a HUGE deal and this award show is the biggest in the business. The awards will be given in July in Vegas, so I'll let you all know how he does. I am so proud of him :)

We picked up some fresh fish at the fish market and had sashimi for dinner.

We had Salmon and Himachi.
I could eat this everyday.
So fresh and light.

Lately I've had that song, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so.. stuck in my head. But I really do! I am so surprised at what I eat now. Some really weird shit and it seems completely normal to me. Like the other night we had octopus balls for dinner, and we had fish pancakes the night before. I cannot wait to experience Japan.

I'll leave you with a few images of my pooch. I felt like Mocha was ready for an outfit change so I tied a ribbon around her neck instead of her usual collar.
Fumi thought a headband was a better idea....

Actually it looks more like an old fashioned toothache remedy...


Maybe a little cuter...

Well this week I am wishing for more sunshine. Although I think it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Yuck. 
I'm working on a little project involving my current mailbox and wood dowels. I think I'm a little wood crazy. I have been covering everything in it lately.
Can't wait until it's finished so I can show you all.
Have a wonderful week. 


  1. lol what cute lil chicks! that is so fun that you can try such unique food all the time with your built in cook at home ;) looks like a great weekend!

  2. Love the placemats!And the fish looks so yummy. So pumped about Japan!

  3. I wish we would have brought home our little chickens with our names on them!! Dangit! They were so cute.

    And speaking of fresh fish - there is a fresh fish market being built right by my house - across the street from the ballpark. I'm so excited. Nobody builds fresh fish markets in the hood, so once that is built, I think it will officially NOT be the hood anymore :)

    And we do have a great family, don't we? What a bunch of awesome girls. Seriously. The first time I met the whole family I fell in love with all of the little girls. I told Jacob that night that I wanted to marry him and have lots of little girls. And I totally did. And now all those adorable little girls are super cool teenagers and lifelong friends. Sweet!

    Longest comment ever!