Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello again

Summer has been filled with excitement and I have been away from the computer and enjoying this beautiful season instead. We had an amazing time in Japan and I fell in love with my new family. 

This picture is of Fumi, his ninety year-old grandpa and his two cousins. Such beautiful hands. Hopefully they get passed down to our future little ones.

Fumi's adorable cousin Shyunta at our wedding dinner. We ate so much good food and they brought out this sweet dessert for us.

I got to wear a beautiful kimono that was stitched with gold and cost somewhere around $90,000 (we rented it of course). It is tradition in Japan to wear a kimono when you get married. I'll have more photos to come but here is a little preview...

Since we have been home we have been working a ton in our backyard. Trying to get it to where we can enjoy these warm summer nights outside.

Fumi built me a garden box.

We tore down down our leaning garage... 




and tilled up the hard soil.

My wonderful friends threw me a birthday party. They made these adorable Japanese flag cupcakes :)

I saw Sheryl Crow with Halley....

and went to the Farmers Market with Fumi and Mocha.

Fumi had an Italian Sausage...

and I had Gazpacho.

I love Utah summers so much. I almost feel like I am in a rush to do as much as I can before the cold months creep in. So excited for the fourth of July. Parades, swimming, and hot dogs :)