Monday, May 30, 2011

Just a snippet...

I wanted to share a few pictures of our trip so far. We have eaten live squid, taken a boat ride down the Yanagawa River, ate at the most famous eel restaurant in Japan, and experienced a monsoon. I haven't even had the chance to be hungry and I am in awe at how much food Fumi's parents eat, and keep in mind together they probably weigh less than 240 lbs. Everything is miniature here, including the people. I will give a more in depth account when I get back, we have so much to see!

 View from first class... :D

Fumi's mom wearing the apron my mom made for her. She is seriously the cutest thing.

Fumi's mom made this for us the night that we arrived. Raw Bonito fish and pan-fried tofu.

At a beautiful Red Maple shrine right up the street from Fumi's parents house. Ya I don't know what a Red Maple shrine is but we washed our hands in a fountain and said a little prayer, bowed, and then listened to a priest chant. It was magical :)

Fumi and his mom, Toshiko, with their umbrellas. We experienced a monsoon while we were here. It rained all day for two days straight.

A local flower shop.

The best eel in Japan.

Riding the river. The man who drove our boat has been doing that same job for over thirty years. He said that he knows exactly where his stick hits in the bottom of the river every time he pushes the boat along.

Fumi's mom is an amazing cook, I'm trying to learn her ways while I'm here.

This is us at the squid restaurant. I'll post a video later of me eating the squid that was still moving while it was in my chopstick. Ya I'm brave. They actually catch the squid in that pier right behind us.

Pineapple :)

Squid's eye.

A Japanese delicacy, kind of like an oyster. In Tokyo these are $7 a piece, but we got four for a dollar :)

Another beautiful dinner made by Toshiko.

Just a little bit of what we have been up too.


  1. So amazing! Love all the pictures!

  2. Looking at these pictures is making me wish for some sort of teleportation device more than I usually do! I'd love to go to Japan someday. Also - I've been looking for super-comfortable wedges so seeing your Born recommendation in your last post was a happy find. I need to seek some out.