Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Curb Appeal Baby Steps


Our "curb appeal" it seriously lacking... I hope I'm not wrong in saying that those slanted black and white house numbers are officially ugly. Our mailbox was needing a little face lift as well. Oh and the elephant in the room, that screen door. Unfortunately that is still there... But I have big plans you just wait and see :)

 So to start we went to the good ol' Home Depot and found some really cool house numbers.
 They came with these convenient little guides which I didn't discover until I traced the actual house number on paper, cut it out, and hung it up. I swear I make things way more difficult than they have to be. I am definitely my mothers daughter.

Excuse the duct tape :)

So much concentration on that face.

Not to shabby!

Here is the after! So much better. I am so happy with it, I will be posting a tutorial soon on how we made over our mailbox for under $20. Has anyone else looked for a cute home attached mailbox? There really isn't a huge selection out there. We still need to stain the mailbox. ( I have a small case of indecisiveness) But baby steps! I also want to get a bigger outdoor light and a new welcome mat. Someday. 

                   ~~~ Before


P.S. My alliums are blooming. These are officially my favorite flower. I recently got an aloe vera plant. Which is officially my favorite indoor plant. Extra bonus: I got them together in one picture. Snap.


  1. I love it all Ash! Your house is coming together perfectly! :)

  2. Huge improvement. You go girl. We had those same sticky numbers on the house and it was a huge relief when we took them down. I wasn't smart enough to take pictures though! (What a cute mailbox, btw.)