Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Patio progress

So sorry for the absence. Life has been crazy around here. We are getting married in about 3 weeks and found out, about a week ago, that Fumi's parents are coming from Japan!! (EEEK!) I am so so happy that they are making the long journey to Utah. They are planning to stay with us along with Fumi's brother Masa and his wife Reina. We are so excited to have everyone here together in our humble abode :) My very talented, handy, and genius of a father (whom I take after, I'll have you know) has started a patio off the back of our house. It will be so nice to enjoy those cool September nights when Fumi's family comes... Here are some pics of the progress:

Here is some prepping and before:

Our friends Jimmy and Lindsay were so nice to come help us :)

I promise I wasn't just taking pictures, I was contributing~

We are doing big concrete squares with wood in between. The patio is 10 ft x 20 ft, so 18 blocks total.

First row done...

Fumi adding some water to the concrete mix.

Two rows down, one to go! Ill post pictures when it's complete!


  1. So exciting! I love the patio idea and I think it's so great Fumi's family can be with you!

  2. How awesome! It's gonna look great! I can't wait have my own house to fix up!! BTW your invitations are adorable! Love it and I hope we can make it :)

  3. AWESOME! Square grid and outline look sweet ;)

  4. I love the deck! It was so great to catch up with you today, good luck with the next couple weeks!!