Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Found It

Lo and behold, after months and months of searching for the perfect shower curtain I have found it. 

West Elm never disappoints. They just released their new fall arrivals today and this little beauty is exactly what I have been searching for! Now I just need to hunt down a coupon code :)

A few other things I wouldn't mind adding to 737....

This gorgeous sheet set:

A few of these hanging around:

and a couple of these for those cooler summer nights...

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone~


  1. That curtain is perfect for your bathroom! We are moving next week and I will have 4 bathrooms, aaah! How will I ever decide on mine! ;)

  2. Ash, these are beautiful! I am gonna need you to come and decorate my house so that it looks like grown ups live there. :)

  3. Bri~ 4 bathrooms??? Oh my where are you moving? Are you guys buying a house? I need details!!
    Ash~ Thanks for your comment!! I would love to come see your place!! I don't know if I would be much help because I think you've got some skills sister.

  4. We are moving into a townhouse rental. It's so nice, I'm so excited!!! It's actually only 3 1/2 baths so one less shower curtain to find! :) If your ever up in Cache Valley and need a place to stay we've got the room!