Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our home addition (the whole story)

So when Fumi and I fell in love he was living in this cute little house with Mocha,
(his nine-year old wiener dog, whom I have proudly adopted.) 

How could you not love this face?

He actually had 737 up for sale when we were first together so I was helping him fix it up so he had a better chance of selling it. So we started with the back of the house, the addition. So with the help of our friend Melissa, we picked out a nice neutral color and gave the room a nice face lift, as seen here:
It's hard to see in the picture below, but while we were painting we noticed a little water bubble. We didn't think it was a big deal, but after having a qualified construction worker look at it, we were living under a big mess. After removing the sheet rock we found severe water damage. No bueno.

It turns out whoever added this addition onto the original house practically built it on top of a deck, no foundation, no permit, not up to code. NIGHTMARE!! But fortunately our homeowners insurance helped with some of the expense.

 So over the past year we have had to demolish half of our house, and completely start over.
Mocha; ball in mouth.
But there were actually many advantages of starting this part of our house over again. We were able to put in a big sliding door that I found on ksl classifieds for $200. We also were able to keep the ceiling vaulted to make the room feel more spacious and open. 
So after starting this project in March 2010 the "just" of it was done in January 2011.
Before paint and carpet....

In my short time being a home DIY-er I have discovered that every project I attempt takes about five times longer than I expect... This paint job that Denise and I attempted was also kind of a nightmare.

After lighting our paint three times we finally achieved the right color. 

Then came carpet!! Which I was soooo excited for...
We got a great deal from Shag-Ra-La on this remnant piece. If your in the Salt Lake area and are in need of carpet, you can't go wrong with them. We had Steve Gallegos install it and he was so great! Really fast and professional.
So there you have it. The full story. But of course it's not quite done yet.. Here are some inspiration I'm using for the room:
Via Jersey Ice Cream Co.
 Love this barn wood wall.
Im planning on trimming the sliding door like this... Love that it's modern with that old charm.

Im planning on trimming the windows like so...
So these images are what I am planning on doing structurally, I'll soon be posting on what I want decoratively later.....

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